Checking In

You are required to check-in at our ticket counter at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled domestic departure. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your seat and/or ticket.


Checking in:

When travelling with us internationally, passengers are required to check-in at our ticket counter at least two (2) hours prior to the start of their journey. If the passenger is beginning their international itinerary with a domestic flight with us within Belize, then they are required to check in at least one (1) hour prior to their departure. This is to allow for travel document verification. Passengers should also allow for a minimum connection time of one (1) hour at Belize International Airport for security rescreening. Failure to check in as required or to allow for sufficient connection time may result in the loss of your seat(s) and/or ticket(s).

Connecting FROM Another Carrier’s International Flight?

When booking a domestic flight from Belize International Airport (BZE) that is connecting from an international flight, we suggest that your domestic portion with us be booked with a minimum (1) hour connection time. This is to allow for customs and immigration transit times.


Missed Connection:

If your final destination is within Belize and your international fight arrival is delayed, Tropic Air will automatically rebook you on the next available flight with open seats.

Please note that in some rare circumstances, this may be a flight on the following day.

Connecting TO Another Carrier’s International Flight?

When booking your flights to the Belize International Airport (BZE) with the intent to connect with another carrier’s international flight, we ask that you choose a flight with a (BZE) arrival time that allows for a minimum connection window of at least three (3) hours. This is to ensure that you meet the check-in requirements of carriers such as American, Delta, Southwest, COPA, United and Alaska, as well as provide enough time for security screening. If you are travelling on a Saturday, we suggest that additional time be allowed due to congestion at the Belize International Airport.

WestJet customers. We strongly suggest you plan to be at that airline’s check-in counter at the Belize International Airport no later than three (3) hours prior to departure. We kindly ask for you to plan your connecting flight with us accordingly in order to accommodate this requirement. WestJet has a one hour cut-off window at the ticket counter, and will not accept late check-ins under any circumstances. If you miss this window, you will be denied boarding. In addition, Tropic Air will not be held responsible for passengers who fail to plan with these requirements in mind.

Special Note For International Travellers

If you are travelling with us on an international flight, and you are not a resident or national of the destination country, you are required to have an onward, connecting or round-trip ticket. If you are staying within that country for more than 24 hours, you must also have proof of a hotel / resort reservation or other accommodation plans plus funds to cover the length of your planned stay. Failure to have this documentation may result in immigration delays or even denial of entry to that country.