Tropic Air's Commitment to Your Furry Companions

Tropic Air is committed to providing our values of safety, service, & sustainability to all our passengers, including our furry friends. Fortunately, flying with your pet on Tropic Air in the cabin on domestic flights is possible, provided specific requirements are met. All pets must be in an approved pet carrier and must remain in the carrier, locked, during all stages of flight.

For the safety and comfort of your pet(s), we are not able to accommodate them on most international flights. However, we can carry small cats or dogs on our flights to and from Cancun. To do this, you must be in possession of Mexican animal departure documents, which are obtained at the Cancun airport. Kindly allow extra check-in time for the processing of these documents.

When entering Belize, all pets must be accompanied by a valid veterinary certificate issued by a veterinarian from the country of origin. An import permit from the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) may also be required.

For more information, please visit their website or call them at telephone: (+501) 223-1653

Pet Carrier Requirements

  • Must be provided by the passenger.
  • Must be rigid (hard-sided) or flexible (soft-sided).
  • Must have a leak proof bottom.
  • Must have adequate ventilation.
  • Must have secure fasteners (latches or zippers).

Check-In Requirements

  • Passenger and pet must check in together to determine if the pet carrier will fit on the passenger’s lap or if additional seat(s) will be needed and charged for the pet. Tropic reserves the right to decide if a pet qualifies to travel on a passenger’s lap or not.
  • Passengers whose pet qualifies to be on their laps shall pay a fee of $10 on non BZE domestic itineraries and $20 for all international and BZE inclusive itineraries.
  • Passengers whose pet cannot travel on their laps, will be charged three (3) full-fare Everyday or Local class seats on any given leg of a domestic for the pet carrier.
  • Passengers who are travelling with a pet on their laps should note that the pet (and its carrier) do not count towards their personal item allowance.
Note: The pet must stay within the carrier at the gate area, during boarding and deplaning, and throughout the entire flight. Additionally, if the pet presents disruptive behavior such as scratching, excessive whining or barking, growling, biting or other unacceptable behavior, Tropic reserves the right to refuse travel for the pet.

Certified Service Animals

Fully trained service animals may travel in the cabin outside of a pet carrier provided specific requirements are met.

Contact our Customer Care Center at [email protected] for more details.