Corozal (CZH)

Corozal, 84 miles (135km) from Belize City, is a border town in the Corozal District, the northernmost area of Belize. For many Belizeans and travelers it is the gateway to Mexico, which lies just eight miles (13km) away. The town itself lies on the foundations of the ancient Maya ceremonial center of Santa Rita, one of the earliest Maya settlements in the north, dating from 2000 BC. Historically, with an abundance of un-excavated mounds and artefacts, the entire area plays an important part in the larger story of the Maya civilisation in Belize. Culturally, Corozal is predominately Mestizo, with the Spanish language predominating, and history of the area is well documented in a mural in the House of Culture. Corn plays a very important part in the agriculture of the area and this is reflected in the cuisine of the area – tamales and tacos abound.

Nearby fishing villages of Copperbank and Sarteneja provide fish for a lot of the country. Flying with Tropic Air over the bay from Corozal to San Pedro will give you a glimpse of the traditional sandlighter sailboats transporting their catch up and down the coast of Belize.

The Shipstern nature reserve located in the Corozal district covers over 32 square miles (51km) of unspoiled jungle, savanna and mangrove swamps. This protected area is home to an astonishing diversity of wildlife. All five cats living in Belize can be found here along with the tapir, armadillo, peccary, coatimundi, manatee and crocodile. Over 200 species of bird live here including the reddish egret, white winged dove, yellow lored parrot, black catbird and Yucatan Jay.

The Corozal airport is situated in Ranchito village, a short drive from Corozal town centre and about 15 minutes from the border with Mexico.