Belize City: 223.4851
Caye Caulker: 226.0301
Corozal: 422.0248
Dangriga: 522.0609
Placencia: 523.3472
Punta Gorda: 722.2822
San Pedro: 226.3305

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Departure Taxes

The information listed below applies to tickets bought directly from Tropic Air, our website and our agents. In some rare cases, taxes may not have been collected if your tickets have been purchased through the GDS (General Distribution System) or third-party entities such as Hahn Air. In these cases, departure taxes may need to be collected at check-in and can range from US$30 to US$60 (and in cash). Questions on this subject may be directed to

Belize & Domestic Departure Taxes

All Belizean taxes, fees and surcharges are included in our tickets.

International Departure Taxes

Where we can, we include departure taxes and fees in our tickets. However, due to international regulations in certain countries, some may need to be paid separately. Please see our ticket tax payment policy cited by country below.


For passengers travelling FROM Belize to Guatemala, departure taxes are included in the ticket.

For passengers travelling FROM Guatemala to Belize, there is a Guatemalan departure tax of $33USD per person. This is paid at the airport bank after check-in, but before proceeding through security screening.

  • Only cash (USD or GTQ) is accepted for payment of these taxes.


For passengers travelling to and from Honduras, departure taxes and fees are included in your ticket.


Some departure taxes from Mexico are included in your ticket. A additional visitor tax of MXP$224 (about US$10-12) is payable by foreign nationals prior to departure. This should paid via website any time before departure. More information and a link to the payment portal can be found here. .
Please note there are no payment kiosks in the terminal that Tropic Air departs from (the FBO).

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