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Orange Walk

Tropic Air offers twice daily scheduled flights to Orange Walk at the Tower Hill airstrip. The district of Orange Walk is the third largest populated area in Belize and boasts some of the best archaeological sites in the country including Lamanai. The Rio Bravo Conservation area is located about an hour from Orange Walk town and is the largest land conservation area in Belize.  Here live all of Belize’s 5 cats along with a host of other mammals, howler and spider monkeys, tapirs and crocodiles.


Lamanai Tour with Tropic Air
Aerial view from Tropic Air. ©Jose Luis Zapata Photography


Orange Walk town, fondly referred to as “Sugar City” sits on the western bank of the New River. Much of the economy of the area relies on agriculture and in particular, sugar cane. The only operational sugar refinery in Belize can be found at Tower Hill and the Cuello Rum factory is also based here. Flying here on a Tropic Air flight offers a great aerial view of both. Culturally Orange Walk is an eclectic mix of Creoles, Mestizos, Maya, Chinese and East Indian.The Banquitas House of Culture offers a well- documented look at the local history. There are also several different Mennonite communities, Shipyard and Blue Creek being the largest. Shipyard still maintains the traditional Mennonite way of life which frowns upon modern machinery using horse and carts as the main mode of transport.


Lamanai Tour with Tropic Air
Lamanai Tour with Tropic Air. ©Jose Luis Zapata Photography


The Tropic Air Lamanai Tour which originates in San Pedro flies to Orange Walk before embarking on a short drive, and then, memorable river trip down the New River for the tour of this spectacular ancient Maya site.  See more information on our Lamanai Tour page.

As low as $US35, taxes included. Fare is each way. Restrictions apply. Limited seats and flights.

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