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Unique community festival highlighting Belizean & International Graffiti Artists. “Live Art” of many genres, art on sale, free art activities, “Open Mic”, silent auction, cultural museums, information booths, sailboat rides and more…. A great day of fun for the whole family! Free Entrance.

This annual event in December is the first of its kind in the region, designed to bring together people from around the world to enjoy soulful moments of wellness, healing, rejuvenation and reflection. The festival promotes positive interactions, vitally important for the well being of Belize and beyond. International and Belizean presenters come together to share many styles of Yoga, meditation, therapies and workshops. This is a family, alcohol free event.

This food and music festival is held in Orange Walk Town and attracts thousands of taco enthusiasts from all over Belize. In addition to numerous varieties of tacos, there is live music, a canoe race and games for the entire family.

The Battle of the Drums is a loud and proud celebration of the Garifuna culture. Garifuna dances such as the Punta, Hungu, Paranda, Chumba and Wanaragua dance and drumming styles are displayed. This is an event popular among drumming enthusiasts as well as visitors.

Garifuna Settlement Day is a public holiday in Belize celebrated each year on November 19. The day was recognized as a public holiday in the southern districts of Belize in 1943, and declared a national holiday in 1977. The holiday celebrates the settlement of the Garinagu in Belize and includes a re-enactment of the arrival of the Garinagu in Dangriga, parades, street music, and traditional mass in Garifuna language and traditional Garifuna drumming and dancing.

The festival focuses on Central American and Caribbean films, as well as international films from around the world. A recurring theme in the Festival is the highlighting of relevant contemporary issues, such as poverty, abuse and poaching. A distinct award category called “Best Environmental Film” was created to further acknowledge and solidify its commitment to environmental awareness. There are different categories of film presented at the festival.

Home to more than 500 species of birds—including the keel-billed toucan (Belize’s national bird), harpy eagle, blue-crowned motmot, and endangered jabiru stork and scarlet macaw—Belize is a bird-watcher’s Eden. The festival brings together birders from the region and provides art exhibitions, guided tours and other special events.

One of the most lively musical events in connection with the National Independence Day celebrations in Belize is the Pan Yaad Steel Band Concert. This is an event held at the Marion Jones Sports Complex in Belize City. This event is not only intended to add greater spirit and life to the national celebrations but it also offers Steel Band aficionados the opportunity to enjoy steel band music at its best.

The Battle of St. George’s Caye was a short military engagement that lasted from 3rd to 10th September 1798, off the coast of what is now Belize. However, the name is typically reserved for the final battle that occurred on 10th September. The Spaniards had previously attempted to expel the British settlers and their slaves on six occasions. The 10th of September 1798 marked the final Spanish attempt to take over the area. In Belize, the Battle of St. George’s Caye is a national public and bank holiday.

When Belizeans think of the month of September one word resonates in their hearts — “Celebration”!. This historical event was adapted in 1975 when five free spirited women got together to “spice up the tenth of September celebrations”. Costume bottoms shortened from the modest ankle length to conservative knee length to the provocative bikini length, clearly influenced by the Caribbean are worn by revelers during the carnival parade through the principal streets of Belize City.