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The Community is our fuel
Posted by: Tropic Air /896
Tropic Air has a strong tradition of charitable giving and fundraising, dating back to our founder who was a passionate philanthropist. Through a mixture of donations and fundraising activities, we continue to support charities and local community projects. Tropic believes it has a corporate responsibility to providing excellent service both on the air and on…
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Who is Baron Bliss?
Posted by: Tropic Air /1312
March 9th is a National Holiday in Belize.  Formerly Baron Bliss Day, it is now known as National Heroes and Benefactors Day to honor all those who have contributed to the greatness that is Belize. So, who was Baron Bliss and what makes him so special? Baron Bliss is widely considered to be Belize’s biggest…
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Come fly with Tropic Air
Posted by: Tropic Air /1523
Ever dreamt of being a pilot?  Well with Tropic Air’s Redbird CRV flight simulator, your dreams can come true. In October 2013 Tropic Air, the airline of Belize introduced The Redbird CRV flight simulator to Belize upstairs in its San Pedro terminal.  This Advanced Aircraft Training Device (AATD) is the first of its kind in…
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Christmas in Belize
Posted by: Tropic Air /1383
Belize is a veritable melting pot of different races and cultures. At no time of the year is this more visible than at Christmas. Whilst the decorating of Christmas trees, lights and giving of presents is a countrywide occurrence, other traditions handed down from one culture and generation to another have been adopted, diluted and…
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